Strategic Executive Training

Our experts offer a range of specialized workshops, coaching sessions, and educational programs designed to enhance the communication and risk management capabilities of C-Suite executives, ensuring their success in dynamic business landscapes.

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Workshops / Trainings

Risk management

  • Regulatory, political, and reputational risks 101 for individuals and companies

  • Regulatory, political, and reputational risk management playbook

  • Labor risks in Latin America
  • Criminalization of private sector activities: Case studies and penal mechanisms
  • Expropriations and other measures that impact company property: How to prepare yourself to face this risk

Strategic communications

  • Crisis communications management
  • Media training
  • Reputation management
  • Workshop for spokespersons
  • Challenges in managing influence strategies with trade associations: Lessons learned and best practices

Digital communications
and the global information ecosystem

  • Digital advocacy
  • Corporate risk of disinformation and how to manage it