Opportunitas Advisors has managed and coordinated multidisciplinary teams on a wide range of issues.

This extends to public affairs campaigns, crisis and reputational challenges, as well as political and litigation related communications.


We advise companies, individuals, governments, and organizations on how to effectively use communications to achieve strategic goals. This extends to public affairs issues, reputational challenges, litigation-related communications, and brand development.

Corporate Risk Management

Our team of seasoned advisors helps our clients build a robust map of their regulatory, political, and reputational risks, prioritize them, develop mitigation strategies to address them, and build internal capacities to create an ongoing risk management system. 

Digital Communications

The growing influence of social media leads to the decentralized and mass dissemination of information. Our firm helps companies develop digital strategies to build their online presence and increase their reputational capital.

Crisis Communications

Our team provides our clients with tailored tools and strategies to manage and overcome crisis situations.

Geopolitical, Business and Regulatory Risk Consulting

We deliver in-depth analyses on the progression of trends, as well as regulatory, economic, political, and reputational risks across Latin American countries. We provide critical insights that empower strategic decision-making and investment planning in the region.

Strategic Executive Training

Our experts offer a range of specialized workshops, coaching sessions, and educational programs designed to enhance the communication and risk management capabilities of C-Suite executives, ensuring their success in dynamic business landscapes.