May 3, 2022

Opportunitas Welcomes A New Managing Director

Opportunitas Advisors welcomes Graciela Mariño as managing director, adding to the company’s deep bench of rapidly growing talent.  Graciela brings with her a mix of in-house and outside consulting expertise, most recently at Control Risks.  With OA, she will continue to build on her ability to provide communications strategies in high stakes situations.

She is particularly skilled at managing political and crisis communications issues, and has expertise advising corporations and prominent political leaders throughout Latin America, and in the United States. 


“Graciela is a seasoned communications expert and we are thrilled to have her on our team.  She will help us identify important political and strategic risks for our clients which will, in turn, help to increase their companies’ resilience and stability for the long-term,” said Opportunitas Advisors Partner Juan Cortiñas. 

“Corporations worldwide, and especially in Latin America, are experiencing increased political uncertainty which is creating turbulent economic environments.  For this reason, we continue to bring on board experienced consultants capable of providing expert guidance to companies navigating the challenging political and communications risks they face,” added Opportunitas Advisors Partner Guillermo Bolinaga.


Graciela joins a growing bench of experienced political, business, and communications consultants at Opportunitas, who together, are providing major corporations across Latin America and the United States with strategic counsel on a wide variety of issues which help them create and preserve value.   Before joining Opportunitas, Graciela was a consultant at the risk consultancy, Control Risks. Previously she worked at Venezuela’s largest private sector company, Empresas Polar, helping the company navigate political and reputational risks. She also counseled corporate, political and leading NGOs at the leading Washington DC based communications firm, CLS Strategies.


For more information on Opportunitas Advisors, and how we can help you take on today’s challenging markets with expert risk management and strategic communications, check us out online, or email us with your questions.

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