Corporate Risk Management

Opportunitas Advisors offers risk management tools that help companies and organizations anticipate, prepare, and address potential risks that impact their operations and bottom line.


Communications Strategy

Using strategic communications to influence public opinion and protect the reputation of your company or organization.

Influence Strategy

Relationship building with key decision-makers.

Legal Strategy

Using available legal resources to block the implementation of public policies or preserve and defend the company´s rights.

Solutions Strategy

Offering alternative proposals (related to public policies or implementation mechanisms) that minimize the pain points that generate the call for political action or respond to the ideological justification.

Coalition-building and Mobilization Strategy

Development of coalitions with actors that can spread and defend the company´s narrative and position through communication, legal and grassroots actions.

Business Strategy

Business decisions (portfolio, investment, pricing, products, internal processes, distribution, etc.) that minimize risk impact.

Our services include:

  • Creating a comprehensive map to identify a company’s regulatory, political, and reputational risks and to better understand its risk profile.
  • Anticipating changes that facilitate an organization’s preparedness for risk mitigation, while leveraging opportunities that may arise from regulatory and political developments.
  • Developing tools that prioritize risks to help organizations use resources more effectively.
  • Building internal capacities for managing regulatory and political risks and identifying and capitalizing on potential opportunities.
  • Developing effective internal protocols for risk management.
  • Constructing a road map for the development of alliances with public authorities, labor unions, workers, communities and NGOs.